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Prior to getting my CRE tech startup, Digsy, off the ground, I was a commercial real estate agent for Lee & Associates. I worked there for 12 years and was promoted to Senior Vice President & Principal of the firm when I was 25 years old. I attribute much of my success to my unsatiated obsession using technology tools to improve my productivity and workflow so I could win more clients and quickly close more deals. This obsession with productivity remains today.

The technology available today is smarter and more efficient than it was when I was a commercial real estate. My tech tools help me maximize my productivity each and every day.

The context of how I use these apps has changed because instead of being an agent, I now run a CRE tech startup. Instead of trying to find tenants and landlords to use my brokerage services and sign off on a lease, I now use these tools to recruit amazing software developers, get VCs to fund us, and get tenants to use our CRE platform to find the best commercial real estate agents to help our clients find commercial space.

Although I don’t use these tools from the perspective of a CRE broker, the end-goal is the same: get funded, get more clients & close more deals.

Being an entrepreneur is a super busy, never-ending list of things to get done. Here are the apps I use to kick ass and take names throughout the day and be ultra productive:


Email not only drives the day of commercial real estate agents, it also does so for CEOs & Founders. Like many CRE agents, I get over 500 emails a day and it’s crucial for me to be able to process them quickly. This is why I love using Boxer. With Boxer I can set-up reply templates to quickly respond to emails with one tap. I love the HTML reply template feature because it allows me to quickly respond with an email that includes a link to a pitch deck, marketing brochure, etc.

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