• Howard Kline


Howard will be a panelist at the, first ever, International BlockChain Real Estate Association, (IBREA), Conference in Newport Beach, Ca. on May 17, 2016.

The International Blockchain Real Estate Association is nonprofit, member-focused trade organization dedicated to implementing Bitcoin and related blockchain technology in real estate transactions. Most likely you don’t need to fully understand what “blockchain” is except that it is the technological concept behind “bitcoin” and is touted as many as the secure future for real estate and other online transactions.

I will be part of the panel, entitled, “Reverse Pitch” where, instead of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to investors, I and the other panelists will pitch their industry wide challenges to the entrepreneurs and investors in the audience. Following the conference, participants can continue the conversation through IBREA’s Slack community and AngelList page. The focus will be on specific, significant, but solvable pain points affecting payments, escrow, title, information veracity, legal issues, and sales.

Although I will be a panelist and expected to be an “expert”, I will also be attending to learn more about this technology that is held out to the the future of commercial real estate.

To attend the conference, click here.

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