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In this video I get to interview Jim Young, Co-Founder and CEO of Realcomm, the granddaddy of commercial real estate tech conferences.

Jim explains what’s different about this year’s conference, including the venue change from Las Vegas to Silicon Valley. According to Jim, Realcomm is for those who believe that the status quo is not a good thing and that it is the future where we will succeed.

I can’t believe it’s year 17 for Realcomm. Did technology exist 17 years ago? Jim delivers a bit of the history and then describes some of the things that we will see at the conference, including:

  • *How Blockchain will deliver a, more secure” real estate transaction

  • What artificial intelligence will mean to commercial real estate

  • Virtual and immersive Reality Lab

  • Drone and robotics area

Why the move to Silicon Valley? “It seems that for the last 18 months, there has been a burst of tech activity for commercial real estate,” much of it in the Silicon Valley. We moved the conference this year so that we can be at the heart of this technology revolution, learn from them and have them learn from us.

There will be 10 or so great tours, including Google Campus, Levi Stadium, Intel, as well as an autonomous parking garage, among others,

Do you want to learn? There will be over 100 educational sessions with over 250 speakers and over 125 exhibitors.

Learn what CREtech 4.0 is and join some of the top venture capitalists

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