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The commercial real estate “supercoach”, Rod Santomassimo and I discuss in May 2016, how the presidential election may affect commercial real estate and those of us dependant upon it.

We have added an additional, fun, interactive aspect to this video by including a poll that you can participate in, directly in the video. Yes, that’s correct, you read me right. As you watch the video, you will be able to click on the video and answer our poll questions, throughout the video.

Although Rod and I handle the discussion in a, somewhat, light hearted fashion, we do touch on issues that may have serious consequences for commercial real estate, including:

* The fate of the 1031 tax exchange. Will investors continue to rely on these benefits?

*What if tax rates increase, particularly for investment property?

*Will the mortgage interest deduction continue without change? Is it untouchable?

*Do we see either candidate benefiting the middle class?

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