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What better time to consider whether society is treating women as equals than shortly after the first woman has been nominated for president by a major political party. No matter your political affiliation or leanings, it’s exciting to see how far women have come in our society. But are they treated equally and given the same opportunities as their male counterparts?

Every five (5) years, CREW Networks conducts a study, in collaboration with MIT, measuring the progress of women in commercial real estate. This study looks at the changes from the perspective of “specialization, compensation and career achievement” and tracks changes over the last 10 years. While the study answers many questions and the information provided can help guide all those in commercial real estate, it raises many questions that we will endeavor to answer in this show.

Our panel will consist of some of the top women in commercial real estate, including, Gail Ayers, CREW Network CEO, Laurie Baker, current President of CREW Network and Senior Vice President of Fund & Asset Management for Camden Property Trust and Holly Neber, President of AEI Consultants, CREW Network Board Member.

It’s free

A great aspect of this show is that as an audience member, you can join in and ask questions, live. You can be seen on screen as you comment or ask questions or you can go semi-incognito by typing your questions or comments. If you want to join in on the conversation live, you will need to use your personal Gmail address or an email address based upon the Google or Google Apps platform. If you want to just watch, no worries, you just have to register and view the show. If you can’t make it live, as long as you register, we will send you the recording when it is done.


Gail Ayers | LinkedIn CEO of CREW Network and Director of CREW Network Foundation President

Gail has led CREW Network over the last 11 years which has become one of the most important and resilient organizations in commercial real estate.

“Gail’s visionary leadership and her ability to take big ideas and turn them into actionable initiatives will continue to have a long and lasting impact on the commercial real estate industry,


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