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Today’s podcast is about stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming the best that you can be. What, you say, I thought that this was all about commercial real estate? Well, yes, my podcasts are about commercial real estate and more. In this podcast, I interview Tara Piurko, the 2018 president of CREW Network, an international organization of and about women in commercial real estate. For those of you who do not know, CREW is an acronym for Commercial Real Estate Women.

It seemed odd for an accomplished professional woman, the head of an international organization, experienced in dealing with powerful persons and speaking to large groups of people, was uncomfortable being interviewed, by little ole me. But she was, at least in the beginning of the interview.  You can listen to or download the podcast below.

As she warmed up, Tara told an inspiring story of how she overcame her initial shyness and stretched herself out of her comfort zone and became much more than she originally allowed herself to be. She talks about mentorship, something of particular importance to CREW Network.

Yes, Tara credits a considerable amount of her success to her involvement and engagement in CREW Network. And while I am a huge supporter of CREW Network and diversity, her story is more than about women.  It is a story on how anyone can grow and the value of being engaged in a great, supportive organization such as CREW.

To link to Tara on LinkedIn, click here

While CREW Network is about diversity and promoting women in commercial real estate, it is not just for women. I’ve joined the local CREW Network Chapter in Las Vegas and I am proud to be a member, ah, let me add, as soon as they accept me. I should add that, whether you are a man or woman, you should seriously consider attending the CREW Network Annual Convention in San Diego this year. Click on the banner to the left for more information and registration.

Let me also give special thanks to our sponsor for our interviews at ICSC Recon 2018, Quantum Listing and David Perlmutter and Perlmutter Properties. Quantum Listing is a crowd-sourced real estate listing platform for commercial real estate agents, owners and tenants. For more information go to

Let’s take a short break to hear some more about our sponsors, Quantum Listing and Perlmutter properties.  When we come back, Tara tells us more about how she built up her confidence and how CREW helped her.

Quantum Listing was founded by David Perlmutter who has been a real estate agent since 1986. He created Quantum Listing to as a service that he actually wanted to use and that would serve his needs as a real estate agent. He wanted something that was user friendly and inexpensive. One of the key components of Quantum Listing is that it is integrated with social media so that you can share you listing easily on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. For more information, go to


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