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Repurposing Retail Real Estate During and After Covid-19 ... and other topics on CREtV Live 12/3/20

Other Topics include:

How Covid-19 is affecting CRE Investments over the short and long term, and

Short and long term prospects for hospitality

Don't forget about our unique CREtV Trivia Game where are guests compete.

We are also giving away at $25.00 gift certificate to the first audience member that answers the bonus trivia question correctly. Special guests this week include:

  • Collette English Dixon, Executive Director of Bennett Institute Real Estate at Roosevelt University,

  • Dr. Donald W. Wise one of the most respected leisure and hospitality investment bankers in the world for 36 years,and

  • Micahel Polk, founder of Polk Properties and an official member of the Forbes Real Estate Council.

As the audience, you will have the opportunity to chime in and give us your opinion, also.

CREtV Live is a bi-weekly, interactive, live stream on YouTube where we discuss recent, newsworthy topics of interest to the commercial real estate industry with some of the most influential people in the industry.

CREtV Host & Cohost

Howard F. Kline, Esq. is an attorney law for over 4 decades now with an emphasis on commercial landlord tenant matters, including, evictions, rent collections, lease negotiations, foreclosures and arbitration. He is the founder and host of CRE Radio & TV which began publishing in December 2010.

Peter Morris is the founder and and CEO Greenstead Consulting Group an international, full service commercial real estate consultancy firm providing a complete menu of services and global best practices to both owners and occupiers.Peter has been involved in the commercial real estate industry for nearly 40 years.

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