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It has been about 6 months now that Covid-19 has hit North American shores and every part of our personal and business lives has been effected. Commercial property managers have had to make some significant adjustments to continue to serve their landlords, tenants and the visiting public.

For those of us in the commercial real estate world we have been focusing primarily on the payment of rents or the lack thereof and the avalanche of requests for rent relief. However, an often overlooked aspect of the Novel Coronavirus is how the pandemic has affected the business and processes of commercial property management.

In this webinar, my very distinguished panel of property management experts will discuss and answer the following questions:

  1. To what extent has Covid-19 changed commercial property management?

  2. Will these changes be temporary or permanent?

  3. What future changes do we see for property managers over the next 5 – 10 years.

Among other things, we will consider these additional topics:

  1. How ubiquitous will cameras be in public places of private property?

  2. Will property managers inspect properties remotely?

  3. Will property managers experience greater efficiencies through technology?

  4. How has Covid-19 affected property security, if at all?

  5. Special Covid-19 considerations for office cleaning services.


Chris Ressa, COO, DLC Management

Chris has been recognized by Chain Store Age by landing on the magazine’s 10 Under 40: Rising Stars of Retail Real Estate list.

Chris joined DLC Management Corp. in 2007. During this tenure, his relationships, real estate expertise, and leadership have led to numerous successful repositioning of assets. Chris has played a significant role in the overall growth of the organization. Now as Chief Operating Officer, Chris oversees DLC’s $2.5 billion asset portfolio and is responsible for all property-level operations including leasing, property management, construction and marketing on all owned and third-party managed assets.

Chris invests a significant amount of his personal time creating thought-provoking content sparking great engagement on social media. His presence on LinkedIn is no less impressive as he has over 28,900 followers, and his retail and real estate related posts are often on the top of the trending board.

Chris’s influence in the digital space expands beyond LinkedIn as he also hosts the highly acclaimed Retail Retold podcast.

John Combs, Founder, Riverrock Real Estate Group

John Combs is Founder and Principal of RiverRock Real Estate Group, Inc., a West Coast-based commercial real estate service firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California. RiverRock services over 28 million square feet of office, industrial and retail properties throughout California and Arizona from 24 offices

Prior to launching RiverRock, John served as COO of Insignia/ESG for the Americas and Asia. He was also the President of U. S. Property Services for Insignia/ESG, Inc. John was responsible for all regional offices and service lines of an approximately 300-million-square-foot portfolio of office, industrial and retail properties. John was also a member of the Executive, Financial, and Strategic Planning committees for Insignia/ESG.

George Meyer Former Vice President, Operations, Irvine Company Office Properties

George is a 17-year veteran of the Irvine Company Office Division, most recently overseeing the customer relationships and key results for over 9 million square feet of office and campus office space in West Los Angeles, Pasadena and Silicon Valley, California. He previously held a number of other positions within the division. He has led the company’s Cross Divisional Procurement Initiative to strengthen intelligent business practices and create master contracts for the Office, Apartments, Retail and Resorts divisions, as well as oversee the Office division’s training, recognition, efficiency and business continuity efforts.

Howard F. Kline, Esq. Law Office of Howard F. Kline and Founder and Host of CRE Radio & TV

Howard has been involved in commercial real estate as an attorney and broker focusing primarily on commercial landlord tenant matters, including lease negotiations, rent collections and evictions. He is also a veteran of over 4 recessions, representing major lenders, including banks, insurance companies, savings and loans, credit unions and special servicers in foreclosure, post-foreclosure collections and bankruptcy matters. In 2010, Howard founded CRE Radio & TV.

If you can’t make the live webinar, register and you will have access to the recording.


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