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Read First, (video follows written text):

Sometimes, the best that you do is by accident. The important thing is to be aware of everything going on around you and you just might, without knowing why, discover a diamond. This video was that diamond and it was by pure happenstance that it came about.

Before the CREW Network Annual Convention in Seattle, I was trying to set up interviews during the convention. Colliers was setting me up with a couple of interviews. If I recall correctly, they all fell through and then, on the eve of the convention, they asked if I would be interested in interviewing Kristin Blount out of their Boston office. Frankly, I didn’t know much about Kristin was but I was reluctant to say no, so I said, “sure”.

We set a specific day and time for the interview, but, as is typically the case, I had to rearrange the time with Kristin to accommodate the schedules of some of the other interviews. After rescheduling a number of times, I scheduled Kristin, either before or after my interview with Jane Smith.

I had met Jane the prior year, after the CREW Annual Convention in Miami while we were both waiting at the airport for our flights. She was sitting across from me, and although I did not know who she was, at the time, I recognized her from the conference. We struck up a conversation, talked about CREW and the conference and then said our goodbyes. Nothing extraordinary, except that I walked away remembering how impressed I was with her and how nice she seemed.

The following year, as I started scheduling my interviews, I invited Jane. In, what I now have learned is her modest style, she wanted to know why I wanted to interview her. As if a really, smart, talented, intelligent woman and the leader of the real estate department of a world recognized law firm isn’t enough? Click on the banner to the right to register for convention and iPad drawing.

Well, as it turned out, I ended up scheduling Kristen, either just before or just after Jane’s interview. I really don’t remember which. All I remember was that one of them came to their interview early and while I was getting ready for the other interview, I heard a scream out in the hallway. Running outside, I saw the two of them, giggling like school girls. Anyhow, you should get the picture. These were two women who were excited seeing each other. How should I have known. They were both former CREW Network National Presidents, one serving immediately after the other and ended up being great friends.

Immediately recognizing that special bond and friendship between the two of them, I ditched my previously planned questions, put the two of them in front of the camera and let them, just talk and it was a doozy of a talk. I couldn’t have planned this video better. When everything was all done, it was obvious that they epitomized the essence of what it meant to volunteer your time for a cause and organization that you believe in.

As Kristin says, “it’s about the people”. I would add, “and the relationships”. With all of the time, effort, cost and all of the good things that you accomplish, you have got to cherish, as much as, if not more than anything else, the people that you meet and work with. And these two do.

So what is the “walkaway” from this video? If you join an organization to promote your business and get referrals, you have got to participate in the organization. You can’t just join and think, “they will come”. Perhaps the greatest value that you will get out of the organization is not the referrals, but the people that you meet and the relationships that you develop. Watch the video. It will make you smile.

Finally, this is the first of two videos that I created from this interview.

Remember, if you haven’t already registered for the 2016 CREW Network Annual Convention in New York from October 19 through October 22, register here, at CRE Radio & TV. If you register here, you will be entered into our drawing for an iPad. Click the banner ad below.


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